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CONSOLE: Malcom Toft and Associates series 980 (32x8x24), with custom discrete class A stereo bus section by Inward Connections and Uptown Moving Fader  automation.

RECORDING: Studer 827 (2”, 24 trk), Ampex ATR104 (1/2”, 2 trk), Korg DSD, Pro Tools Native, Apogee Symphony w/ 32 ch A/D  D/A,

UA 2192 A/D D/A converter, Mac Mini, UAD2 Octo (x2) with full plug-in complement,

MONITORING: Genelec 1031s, Amphion two18s w/ amp 500, JBL S8Rs (bi-amped w/ Yamaha 2700 and Manley 35W monoblock tube amplifiers), Manley 12 channel self mix headphone system (5)

MIC PREs / EQs: 

API 512b discrete pre(2)

API 312 discrete pre (4)

API 550A parametric EQ (4)

API 560B graphic EQ (3)

Daking 52270 pre/EQ

Helios type 69 pre/EQ (4)

Inward Connection Vac Rac tube mic pre (3)

Inward Connection Vac Rac tube parametric EQs (5)

Langevin AM16 vintage discrete mic pre (14) 

w/ built in discrete stereo bus as well as direct outs

Neve 1073 discrete mic pre/EQ (4)

Neve 1084 discrete mic pre/EQ (4)

NTI “air band” EQ3 discrete EQ (stereo)

Pultec EQM-1S3 tube mastering EQs (2

Rupert Neve Design 5052 discrete pre/EQ (16)

Siemens / Telefunken V78 vintage tube mic pre (4)

Trident B Range discrete mic pre/EQ (3)



ADL 1000 tube LA2A style compressors w/ vintage UTC transformers (2)

BSS DPR-901 4 band compressor/expander

Drawmer DS201 stereo gate (2)

Dramastic Obsidian Stereo Compressor

General Electric 4BA9A1 tube vari-MU compressors (stereo)

Inward Connections Vac Rac tube compressors (3)

Lisson Grove R124 tube compressor w/ vintage Altec transformers

Manley Vari-MU tube compressor (stereo)

Neve 33609b discrete compressor / limiter (stereo)

RCA BA6A tube vari-MU compressor

SPL Transient Designer  4

Telefunken U73b tube vari-MU compressor

Teletronix LA2A tube compressor

Urei 1178 compressor limiter (stereo)

Urei 1176LN compressor limiter

Urei 1176LN clone by Purple Audio (MC76)

Urei LA22 stereo compressor / limiter (2)


Ecoplate II plate reverb

Echoplex Groupmaster tape echo

EMT251 digital reverb w/ EMT250 PRAM mod

Eventide H3000 SE Ultraharmonizer

Eventide Instant Flanger

Eventide Instant Phaser

Lexicon PCM 41 Digital Delay

Lexicon PCM 80 (2)

Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay

Yamaha SPX900

a plethora of new and vintage pedals and boxes

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